Gold & Platinum Refining

Shor has refining systems for gold, platinum and silver. Our gold and platinum system, the Simplicity, works without any acids. We strongly recommend the Simplicity refining system over any type of acid refining system. It is far safer, cleaner and easier. However, we carry supplies for acids systems as well. Our Storm Precipitant, for example, works very well in all acid type gold refining systems. It's far less expensive and has a virtually indefinite shelf life. Additionally, should you wish to construct your own acid type refining system, we have instructions for setting up and running.

The Simplicity Gold & Platinum Refining System

(The Simplicity is best suited for solid metal.  For computer parts and other e-scrap, see the SubZero process further down on the page)

To be blunt, if you don't already have one, you either weren't aware of its existence or you've made a costly mistake by not buying one before. It's that simple. There are over 8,000 units in use today and from just 2003-2008, over 6 metric tons of gold were refined in these refining systems. We estimate that our customers, by refining their gold themselves, have saved over $12,800,000 in just the past 2 years!

There is nothing in your shop that you can't refine yourself (though things like polishing sweeps do require some preprocessing).

Here's how it works:

Scrap gold and platinum is composed of several metals; gold, copper, zinc etc. Using a battery charger or rectifier and the Simplicity, your scrap gold and/or platinum is stripped (dissolved) into a special salt-water bath. A special ceramic cell prevents the metal from plating out of the water. To the water is added a powder which turns the gold, but not the other metals, back into solid form. While the pure gold drops to the bottom as small particles, the other metals remain dissolved. The water is then poured off and the fine gold particles are rinsed, dried and melted. The result is gold of 99.95% purity with losses of metal left dissolved in the waste water of less than .01 dwt. If desired, the other metals can be removed from the water by the addition of aluminum foil.


The Simplicity Gold Refining System
Price $595
complete with supplies.

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Simplicity Consumable Supplies
Item Size Stock # Price
GC Salt 5 lb Bag GCSALT5 Buy $19.95
GC Salt 50 lb Drum GCSALT50 Buy $159.95
OdorFree Precipitant 1 lb. Bag ODORFREE1 Buy $19.99
OdorFree Precipitant 10 lb ODORFREE10 Buy $139.99
Catalyst Single Packet CATALYST Buy $15.99
Catalyst 10 Pack CATALYST10 Buy $139.99
ScrubPowder 1 lb SCRUBPOWDER Buy $11.99
ASR Alloy 5 ounces ASR Buy $9.99
Anode Pouch Each AnodePouch Buy $19.99
Nickelodeon Each NICKELODEON Buy $39.95
Ammonium Chloride 1 lb. AmChloride Buy $11.99
See a brochure on the Simplicity with more information, including details on consumable usage.


Consummables for Preprocessing Material for both Acid and Salt Water Refining Methods

Sodium Hydroxide (industrial strength) for preparing bench sweeps

Also known as lye or caustic soda.  Add water and simmer in a Pyrex or Visionware pot for 1 hour.  Removes rouge, shellac, rubber wheels, iron filing and even deoxidizes your bench sweeps. all in one step!  Sodium hydroxide is a hazmat item

Sodium Hydroxide (5 lbs.)      LYE Buy   Price $24.99

Citric Acid (industrial strength) for neutralizing sodium hydroxide & other strong bases
The only acid approved by all governmental agencies for use in neutralizing caustic solutions like lye.  This is not a hazmat item.

Citric Acid (1 lbs.)    Buy     Price  $11.99

Citric Acid (5 lbs.)    Buy  Price $49.99


SubZero and Supplies for Gold & Platinum Refining by the Acid Method

SubZero/Aqua-Regia Gold Refining Starter Supplies

Includes all the consumable supplies needed to begin to refine circuit boards and other gold bearing material.  Supplies included:  Storm Precipitant, Precious Metal Detection Liquid, Ammonia Detection Liquid, Urea, SubZero & Instructions.   Buy    Price $55.00

See below for additional replacement supplies.

Product & Stock# How it is Used Quantity Stock#


Storm Precipitant Used to precipitate pure gold from aqua regia or saltwater 1 lb. is sufficient for 1 lb of dissolved metal 1 lb Bag STORM Buy   $11.99
10 lb Bag STORM10 Buy $99.95
50 lb Box STORM50 Buy $449.95
Precious Metal Detection Liquid Used to determine that no more precious metal is dissolved in aqua regia or saltwater solutions. Sensitive to 4 parts precious metal per million parts acid or water.  1 bottle lasts about 1 year. Bottle TESTLIQUID Buy $19.95
Ammonia Detection Liquid Used to determine that your gold has been thoroughly washed and is very pure. Bottle AmmoniaTestLiquid Buy $4.95
Ammonium Chloride Used to precipitate platinum and palladium from aqua regia solutions. 1 lb Bag AmChloride Buy $11.99
Urea Used to neutralize nitric acid before precipitating.  There are no alternatives to urea other than diluting with massive amounts of water.  The amount required for any refining batch may vary greatly from  batch to batch. 1 lb Bag UREA1 Buy $9.99
10 lb Bag UREA10 Buy $79.99
SubZero Powdered nitric acid substitute.  Non-hazmat!
Safe to ship via UPS with no hazmat fee and no danger.  This material is pH neutral and is only a substitute for nitric when added to hydrochloric or muriatic acid.  See the following page for instructions for refining with SubZero.
1 lb Bag SUBZERO Buy $11.99
10 lb Bag SUBZERO10 Buy $99.99
Instructions for Nitric/Hydrochloric Aqua Regia Refining

Always use great care when refining with aqua regia. There is always the potential for getting burned when working with acids.


        Scrubber for SubZero

   Designed for SubZero but will work for nitric acid aqua regia systems as well.  This is a passive system and requires no pumps other other positive or negative air displacement apparatus.  System includes both scrubber cylinder and a cylinder for dissolving your metal. This system is designed to be used when dissolving your metal but it can also be used when precipitating your pure precious metal.  Works for both gold and platinum refining.

   SubZero Scrubber System    Stock#  SubZscrubber Buy    Price   $79.95





Refining Videos

Description VHS (US) Price
Simplicity Refining System Instructional DVD for Computers
Good overview of the Simplicity gold and platinum refining processes. Digitally mastered tape. Includes additional interactive instructions program. Running Time 22 minutes
SimplicityDVD Buy $19.95
Gold Refining
Shows the basic refining process in an easy to understand format. Covers the chemicals, acids and equipment needed to recover gold from workshop waste with actual step by step demonstrations of the refining process for the precious metal wastes; sweeps, karat gold and stripping sediment. Running time: 58 minutes.
VideoAR Buy $59.95