Stone Setting Pliers

Stone Setting Pliers


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# 1 Conner Bead Setting Pliers
  The # 1 Conner Pliers will replace the common beading tool on a great many jobs, making them considerably easier. No longer will you need to hold items in the ring clamp and on the bench pin, or fill a fragile item with shellac. This tool will give you the support from the underside you need to do common, everyday tightening and settings in stones, plus many applications you'll discover as you use this great new tool! 

  • Used like a beading tool 50% of the time-faster and easier.

  • Can be used to hold stones (cutlet to table) while being heat set into wax models.

This plier has the equivalent of a # 14 beading tool tip on it.  If you need a larger tip, you can sand it down slightly and use a ball bur to enlarge the size.  If you need to make it small, just sand the outside of the tip slightly.

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# 2 Conner Bead Setting Pliers
  The # 2 Conner Pliers are especially helpful to set or tighten side stones in a basket setting as well as on other type mountings. One side of the pliers has a slot for the wire under the stone and the other side has a beading tool cup on it. Also great for setting earrings! Simply slip the post through the slotted side and bring the beading tool down on the prong making this type of work much quicker and easier.

  • Perfect for setting and tightening accent diamonds surrounding color center stones.

  • Great for earrings, with or without underbezel wires.

This plier has the equivalent of a # 20 beading tool tip.  If you need a larger tip, you can just use a ball bur to enlarge the size.  If you need to make it smaller, just sand down the inside of the jaw.  You may need to file the outside tip down to get the cup closer to the edge.

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Power Set Pliers

Invented by a stone setter, our new Power Setting pliers can be used for setting virtually any size stone. The top (bent) jaw has a concave hole, which works great on prongs or pave set stones. The straight jaw is milled so that the pliers can be used on normal mountings as well as basket mountings and many more. 

Made of high grade stainless steel with cushion grips, this pliers can save the user a great deal of time when repairing or setting stones. Length is 5½".

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Chain Nose Setting Pliers

Curved tips taper to 116" for setting small stones.  Box joint for alignment.  Built in spring.  Overall length is 4½".

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Economy Stone Setting Pliers

For setting or tightening the prongs on stone set rings.  Jaws have been shaped so that they fit over the prongs on a setting.  Overall length is 5".

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Stone Setting Pliers

Used to tighten loose prongs or for initial setting of stones.  Excellent quality.

Overall length is 5".

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Stone Removal Pliers

Easily removes stones from settings while preventing damage.  Can be used on all prong settings, bead settings, clusters, channels, fishtails and baguettes.  Thin, narrow tips fit into tight recessed areas and very small settings.  With box joint for perfect alignment of jaws and cushion grip handles for comfort.  Overall length 4½".