Jeweler's Pliers & Cutters

How to Select Pliers and Nippers:

  • Chain - Traditional and most popular pliers, used to make bends, loops and similar forming operations. Insides of jaws may be smooth or serrated.

  • Flat - For gripping and holding flat or square objects securely and for making angular bends. Insides of jaws may be smooth or serrated, composed of steel, brass or nylon.

  • Round - For making bends, loops, circles, coils from wire or sheet metal. Tapered circular jaws are smooth so that they will not scratch or nick soft metals.

  • Nippers - For cutting a variety of wire. The shape of the edges determines how the ends of the cut wires will appear. flush and semi-flush edges will not perform properly on hard wires.

Sizes- The overall lengths of most Shor pliers and nippers range from 4" to 8" (102-203 mm). those over 5" (127 mm) are either for special work with long noses or are intended for heavier work.

Jaws- Serrated or "cut" jaws provide a good grip but serrations can mar jewelry. Smooth jawed pliers are far less likely to mar jewelry but do not provide as good of a grip.  We also have brass jaw pliers and nylon jaw pliers.

Joints- Pliers are constructed with either box joints or lap joints. Box joints always outlast and outperform lap joints. They retain precise alignment, opening and closing smoothly and never develop looseness or wobbles .

These pliers come in 3 basic sizes--