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Shor Copyrights

All Shor publications (web and otherwise) are copyrighted. Significant resources have been expended in the creation of these web pages, even when some text and/or graphics have come (with permission) from other sources. We have no objection to the printing of our web pages by our customers. However, the downloading of code (or printing) for the purposes of republishing portions of pages, or the pages in entirety, is not acceptable and will be prosecuted to the full extent of both civil and criminal law.

The courts have confirmed that all web publications are automatically copyrighted, simply by the act of publication. We have taken the additional step of placing multiple, random, unobtrusive,  "markers" in the HTML code throughout our web pages and applying digimarcs to photos. Anyone copying and publishing copies of our pages on the web will have these difficult to detect markers in their programming code and digimarcs invisibly embedded in their photos, confirming copyright violation. The web pages of suspected copyright violators will be routinely downloaded and examined for markers. Court decisions have confirmed that the presence of even a single marker found on a violator's website is strong evidence that the entire website is suspect.   Criminal & civil responsibility and liability is born by both the individuals and companies involved in copyright violation. All individuals and companies found to be involved in copyright violation will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

Please accept our apologies for taking such a hard nosed attitude, experience has given us good reason to be so tough about this. For example, Eisinger Enterprises  has wholesale copied of our catalog pictures and text for their own catalogs and flyers (The VP of Eisenger Enterprises, Roger Greene, literally ripped pages out of one of our catalogs and sent them to their printer for publication to make their first catalog.  Romanoff Rubber copied our copyrighted videotapes and sold them as if they were their own products.

Again, our apologies but we have to be very wary and to take a no holds barred approach. This severe policy really is necessary.