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Sprue Base Holder
Holds sprue bases from 3" to 5".. Heavy base for stability and adjustable top for varied working angles.

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Speedy Wax Pen
Battery-operated, all-purpose pen.  Instant heat with fingertip pressure control.  Design or repair wax models with specially shaped interchangeable micro-tips.  Cover protects tip and power switch.  Includes battery and 1 micro-tip.
Wax Pen PEN-500.00 Buy  Price $25.95
Set of 3 different Micro-tips PEN-500.30 Buy  Price $15.75


Traditional waxer with heavy duty steel body and comfortable non-warming handpiece.  Handpiece is designed with six individual non-flammable wires to provide optimal flexibility and heat resistance.  Handpiece is made of lightweight fiber.  Stays cool and even accommodates most tips from other electric wax pens.  A sturdy handpiece holder is located on the top right of the machine.
  • Precision temperature control
  • UL listed and approved.
  • Includes 1 tip
  • Excellent quality

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Handpiece only  Stock #   WAX-206.00 Buy     Price $31.85

   Tips          $11.95 Each




Amazing digital waxer that turns on and off as you touch or release the pen's collar.  Unit also features a continuous mode switch.  Additional features include:

  • Precision temperature control with lighted indicator
  • Immediate heating response
  • Includes 4 Nichrome tips
  • Dual voltage 115/220 V 50/60 Hz

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Set of 9 Nichrome Tips    Stock# 273.510 Buy        $65.00

Touchamatic is a special order item- subject to 15% restocking charge



Versatile wax pen offering excellent wax control. Exclusive feature offers instant tip heating and cooling when used with the optional foot control.

Features include: Ergonomic handpiece, 2 tips, temperatures up to 150 F, works in both 110V and 220V optional foot control, 15 optional tips.

Tips-  (Price all tips-  $30.95 )

Shape Gauge Stock#


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Long Bent 20 21874 Buy
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Round Nose 20 21882 Buy
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"S" Shape 20 21885 Buy
Pointed 22 21880 Buy
Rolled Flat 20 21887 Buy
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Folded Straight 20 21880 Buy
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Waxer & Accessories Stock# Price
Deluxe Master Touch with Foot Control 22129 Buy $335.95
Deluxe 15 Piece Tip Kit 21893 Buy $451.95
Handpiece Only 21871 Buy $45.95
Foot Control Only 21870 Buy $96.95


State of the art electronic wax pen. Total wax control. Features include: 4 programmable temperature presets in both F and C, quick heat cycle for rapid heating of tips. Temperature range of between 100° F to 700° F, Continuous heating or Foot Control Mode, selectable control for either F or C, 1 waxer tip, 10 optional tips. 

Waxer / Accessories Stock# Price
UltraWaxer 110V 013-720 Buy $538.95
UltraWaxer 220V 013-721 Buy $538.95

Foot Control for UltraWaxer

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Replacement Heating Element for Tips, Short 013-766 Buy $40.95
Replacement Heating Element for Tips, Long 013-767 Buy $45.95
Replacement Handle & Cord

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Tips   $76.95 ea.