Watch Case Openers, Closers & Tools

Watch Case Battery Changing Kit
Deluxe Universal Watch Battery Change Tool Kit
 The right tools in a neat kit which ships well and keeps tools from being lost.   The pouch is faux leather with zipper and elastic bands to keep tools securely in place.  Comes with a list of tools so if one is lost, you'll know which to replace.   Kit includes the following high quality tools:  plastic tweezers, fiberglass scratch brush, pocket case wrench, case opener, Selvyt cloth, spring bar tool, 1 mm screwdriver, 1.6 mm screwdriver, 1.2 mm Phillips screwdriver (screwdrivers are non-magnetic).  A great price for this very practical & good looking kit.

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Watch Case Openers
 See also:  Removers, Watch & Clock


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Wood Handled Wide opener
  This universally popular shape gives watchmakers the small handle necessary to properly grip when prying open sap-on case backs.  Hardwood handle an precisely beveled, tempered steel opener makes case opening easier.  Excellent for opening watch cases. Total length 5"
KNF-970.00 Buy $7.95
Plastic Handle
  4" long with hard plastic handle and tempered opener.  Fixed opener does not fold into handle.  
Swiss-Model KNF-156.00 Buy $23.95
Economy-Model KNF-160.00 Buy $4.95
Cushioned Handle
  Sturdy German made features a comfortable red cushion grip PVC handle, which gives the user excellent leverage.  The opener has a single bevel edge for removing those difficult case backs.  Material is well-tempered tool steel. Length 4½".
KNF-158.00 Buy $15.95
opener Style Case Opener
Polished and tempered steel opener with edges. Mounted in hardwood handle with metal ferrule. Overall length 4½"
KNF-975.00 Buy $4.65
Bergeon 3 Piece Watch Case Opener
For prying backs of 3 piece watch cases.  5 mm wide, 110 mm long.
4755 Buy $38.70
Bergeon Pressure Fit Watch Case Opener
For pressure fit watch case backs.  Plastic handle 110 mm long.
6484 Buy $41.50
Quartz Case Opener
Steel opener with edge mounted in plastic handle
CO590615 Buy $3.20
Adjustable Case Opener
Adjustable jaw enables this opener to work on almost any watch. Holds watch steady and securely and slot in slide allows crown to rest unmarred while tightening screw to pop case open. Base is pre-drilled for mounting to workbench.
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Suction Type Case Opener, Economy Model
For waterproof and screw back cases. Apply pressure and turn quickly to open most cases. Rubber end will not mar soft metals
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Screw Type


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Pocket Case Opener
Compact, convenient wrench for waterproof cases. With tempered pins and easy to use adjusting wheel. Measures 258" x 118" x ½".  Opens and closes almost all watches with notches in the back.
CWR-777.00 Buy $6.75
Long Handled Case Opener
Provides a tight, non-slip grip. Long handle for increased pressure. Includes a double opener.
CO590620 Buy $3.30
L-G Master Case Opener for Waterproof Cases
Opens any size or shape of case, knurled or polygon, with any number of slots, notches or holes. Gets a tight grip that will not scratch or mar. Cover can be left in wrench ready for replacing. Complete with 4 sets of interchangeable jaw pins. Made in USA
CWR-600.00 Buy $79.95
Cover with Holes Pins 
CWR-600.01 Buy $7.95
Polygon Cover Pins
CWR-600.02 Buy $7.95
Multinotch Replacement Pins
CWR-600.03 Buy $7.95
Knurl Type Pins
CWR-600.04 Buy $7.95
Center Shaft Pins CWR-600.07 Buy $3.30
Thumb Screw Pins CWR-600.09 Buy $5.00
Complete 12 Piece Spare Pin Set  CWR-600.10 Buy $29.95
Jaxa Case Wrench
Swiss made. Opens almost all types of waterproof cases with 4 sets of pins which are easily removed and replaced. Precision tool made for hard use. Handle and body are chrome plated. Comes in plastic case that holds wrench and pins.
2819-4 Buy $285.00
Jaxa Style Case Wrench
An inexpensive alternative to the Jaxa featured above. Includes sets of easy to insert jaw pins: round, flat, square and toothed. Provides a tight, non-slip grip that will not scratch or mar. 
CO590790 Buy $21.40
Set of 3 Replacement Pins CO590791/1 Buy $4.90
L-G Openall Waterproof Case Wrench
Especially designed for Rolex oyster cases and adaptable for use with the famous L-G wrench. Will open all Rolex waterproof cases. Six knurled rings accurately interlock with the edges on genuine Rolex cases. Diameter of rings: 18.5, 20.2, 22.5, 26.5, 28.3 and 29.5 mm. Sturdy frame fits any bench vise. Adjustable case holder, built into base of frame, accommodates all size cases. Made in USA.
CWR-650.00 Buy $82.95
Center Pin CWR-650.07 Buy $3.20
Replacement Ring, 18.5 mm CO590651/1 Buy $5.60
Replacement Ring, 20.2 mm CO590651/2 Buy $5.40
Replacement Ring, 22.5 mm CO590651/3 Buy $5.40
Replacement Ring, 26.5 mm CO590651/4 Buy $5.40
Replacement Ring, 28.3 mm CO590651/5 Buy $5.40
Replacement Ring, 29.5 mm CO590651/6 Buy $5.40
Key Set
For opening oyster cases manufactured by Rolex. Contains wrench and 6 milled chucks in the following sizes: 18.5, 20.2, 22.5, 26.5, 28.3 and 29.5 mm.
CWR-780.00 Buy $45.95
Replacement Set of Dies CWR-780.10 Buy $26.95
Crystal Lift
Removes and inserts crystals without disassembling the watch. Effortlessly remove and insert any round unbreakable crystal from 8 mm 45 mm without taking the watch apart or removing the bezel. Eliminates all rings, wrenches or pliers and the brass fins will not mar crystal. The gripping force can never lose strength because the fingers are mechanically operated. Access to the dial and hands is instantaneous and the works of one piece cases can be laid bare in seconds. A platform is provided to grip a new crystal for inserting into the watch.
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Watch Case Closers


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Watch Vise
Table clamp-on vise
CWR-180.00 Buy $7.50
Metal Watch Press
Ideal for closing snap back watch cases, installing bezel rings and friction inserting mineral crystals. Sturdy metal press makes battery changing easy for anyone by eliminating the difficulty of closing cases. Includes 14 two sided dies, for a total of 28 sizes. Will not scratch.  Instructions


CO590795A Buy $48.10
Bergeon Pliers for Case Opening and Closing
Used for pressure-back watches.  Adjustable opening with rubber jaws.  170 mm long.  Swiss made.
6162 Buy $109.40
Case Closing Pliers
Closing jaws with circular, rubber padded, hinged discs provide dependable case closing.  Overall length is 7½".


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Set of replacement pads

46.804 Buy $2.90
Bergeon Swiss Vise for Opening and Closing Waterproof Watch Cases
Two jaws each for watch cases with square notches, straight edges, curved edges and for Rolex Oyster, Aquastar and cases with holes. With four pairs of reversible case holder jaws, wet of six round upper suction heads, three round lower suction heads and wood stand for mounting.  This is not a stock item and normal delivery is about 45 days.

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Complete Set

5700A Buy $1,606.60
Replacement Set of 6 Round Upper Suction Heads 5700FL Buy $198.10
Replacement Set of 3 Round Lower Suction Heads 5700MP Buy


Replacement Set of 6 Rings for Rolex with Holder 5538 Buy $231.10
Replacement 9-11 Ligne Reversible Case Holding Jaws 5700B Buy $5.65
Replacement 13-15 Ligne Reversible Case Holding Jaws 5700C Buy $5.65
Replacement 17-19 Ligne Reversible Case Holding Jaws 5700D Buy $5.15
Replacement 20-22 Ligne Reversible Case Holding Jaws 5700E Buy $5.65
Replacement Pins for Cases with Slots 2835A Buy $7.85
Replacement Pins for Polygonal Cases 2835B Buy $6.50
Replacement Pins for Cases with Holes 2835C Buy


Bergeon Crystal Press
  For fitting unbreakable crystals.  Die cast iron with chrome finish.  Not suitable for mineral crystals.  Made in Switzerland.
Set Stock# Price
Press with 31 Dies 12-42mm 5500A Buy $851.10
Press with 10 Dies 18-36 mm 5500C Buy $416.85
Set of 9 Lower Stakes  12-40 mm 5500E Buy $88.20

Set of 15 Dies for Crystal Press-   22 to36.5 mm 5499-15 Buy $344.30
Set of 8 Dies for Crystal Press
27 to 34.5 mm
5499-08 Buy $204.10
Bergeon Multi-Use Press
  Used to drive pins, screw watch bracelets and unscrew watch bracelets.  Swiss made.
Item Stock# Price
Complete Multi-Use Press Set
As shown at left.
6745-100 Buy $431.30
Reduced Multi-Use Press Set
Comes with block 6744P, pin broach holder 6745P and pins 6745GS
6745 Buy $299.90
Adjustable Plastic Supports
  Supports watch while removing screws
20mm 6745SR20 Buy $14.50
28mm 6745SR28 Buy $15.95
Set of 10 Screwdriver openers
  Contains the following flat openers:  2 pcs. 0.80 mm, 2 pcs. 1.00 mm, 2 pcs. 1.20 mm, 1 pc. 1.50 mm and 1 pc. 2.00 mm.  Also contains a 1.50 mm and 2.00 mm Phillips head opener.
6745MS Buy $31.50
Set of 6 Pins
  1 each of 0.40, 0.60,0.80, 1.00, 1.50 & 2.00 mm  pins.
6745GS Buy $24.20
Pin Holder Broach
  80 mm long with a 4.7 mm shank.
6745PG Buy