Soldering Fluxes & Thermal Blankets

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Battern's Self-Pickling Flux

It's the tried and true jewelers' hard soldering flux.  Yellow green and self-pickling, it is the best in water based fluxes.  Well mixed to eliminate suspension.  Good for both hard soldering as well as soft soldering.   Use on gold, silver, platinum and other metals with high melting points.  Preserves temper and color of metal.  The adhesive qualities of this liquid flux hold solder in place.

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Gallon 54.410 Buy $42.60
Silver Brazing Flux

A quick and clean, creamy paste flux for silver brazing and hard soldering.  For use with all jewelers' metals including silver, gold, copper, nickel and platinum.  This has been a standard in the jewelry industry for many decades.
12 oz SOL-935.03 Buy $9.95
Dandix/Handy Flux
A very durable and powerful general purpose flux that protects your parts up to 1600° F.   It is an active fluoride-type flux which is appropriate for all nonferrous metals and begins to melt and dissolve oxides at 600° F.  Paste formula can be cleaned up with hot water.  A standard in the jewelry industry for decades.
1 lb.

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Prepared borax for making flux for soldering jewelry. Dissolves easily when rubbed on borax slate. 

4 oz cone

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Magic Boric

Requires only that you dip the piece into the Magic Boric and solder-  the flux is built right in. No burn-off or waiting to solder.  Magic Boric prevents fire scale and will cut your soldering time by as much as 50%.  Non-flammable and non-hazardous 
8 oz  x 12pcs CLN-190.00 Buy $9.95
For hard soldering with flame. Stays put like a paste. Will not run like a liquid and yet is transparent. Eliminates blind joint soldering. JelFlux produces less oxides and residues, allowing for faster pickling. With no toxic fumes and it's biodegradable.
2 oz 54.438 Buy $7.00
Flux Dispenser Pump
compact, convenient 4 oz. polyethylene bottle with stainless steel pump action lid. dispenses just the right amount of flux or other liquids. Pump the lid lightly and the fluid is dispensed into the well. the one way pump holds the fluid in the well of the cap, preventing contamination of the unused fluid. For best results and to avoid clogging, the well should be emptied and the cap cleaned between uses. Flux not included.
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Dandix Paste Flux
For use in low temperature brazing and silver soldering ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Begins to dissolve oxides at 800 F and is fluid active between 1100 and 1600 F. Contains no fluoride.
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8 oz 54.442 Buy $12.60
16 oz 54.444 Buy $19.10
Vigor Creamy Silver Brazing Flux
Spreads quickly and wets the surface completely so alloys flow better. Protects from oxidation while heating and retards discoloration of brazed area. Working temperature range is 1100-1350° F. Excess flux can be removed with hot water. No waste or loss due to drying, simply add water until creamy
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8 oz 54.0341 Buy $11.30

Tix Flux
A non-corrosive flux, harmless to hands or clothing. Washes off with water even after drying. Works with any soft solder.  Also see: Tix Solder
½ oz 54.460 Buy $5.20
Tix Anti-Flux
Prevents solder from flowing to unwanted areas. Brushes on easily.
½ oz 54.462 Buy $5.20
Protects jewels from heat while soldering. No need to remove jewels from settings (except opals) If flame is used for soldering, the jewel will stay cool. Rinses off in plain water.
8 oz 54.468 Buy $8.60
Heat Shield
Protects components under direct 5000 F flame. Not necessary to remove stone before soldering. Prevents oxidation and is odorless and nontoxic. Good for dozens of applications. Washes off with water. 
16 oz jar 54.448 Buy $14.30

A jeweler's dream for soldering rings when resizing.  Just fill the cup with cold water and submerge the stone and mounting while soldering the shank.  The stone stays cool.  Simple, but effective.  CoolCup includes specially sized negative locking tweezer designed to slip on and off the post.  This is a tool for virtually every jeweler.

  SOL-700.00 Buy $13.95

Yellow Ochre Anti-Flux
The most time tested anti-flux, used for generations to prevent solder from flowing onto unwanted areas. Simply mix with water or alcohol and brush onto areas you want to mask from the solder.
8 oz 54.470 Buy $10.30