Safety Glasses & Safety Goggles
Welding Glasses & Welding Goggles.


Mag-Safe Magnifying Safety Glasses
  Safety glasses and magnifier lenses combined into one.  Saves money over prescription safety glasses.  Helps improve performance, reduce eyestrain and improve productivity.   Eliminates the distortion caused by flat magnifiers.  Fits under welding helmets. 

Bifocal Magnifiers   Full Lens Magnifiers
Diopter Stock#   Diopter Stock# Diopter Stock#   Diopter Stock#
1.00 29.801 Buy 2.25 29.806 Buy 1.00   2.25 29.815 Buy
1.25 29.802 Buy 2.50 29.807 Buy 1.25 29.811 Buy 2.50 29.816 Buy
1.50 29.803 Buy 2.75   1.50 29.812 Buy 2.75 29.817 Buy
1.75 29.804 Buy 3.00 29.809 Buy 1.75 29.813 Buy 3.00 29.818 Buy
2.00 29.805 Buy     2.00 29.814 Buy    
Price $16.50 ea.


Safety Glasses

Description Stock# Price
ME II Style Safety Glasses
Black metal frame with silicon nose pads. Will also accept polycarbonate prescription lenses. Meets ANSI Z 87.1 standards.
29.011 Buy $11.00
Aspen Style Safety Glasses
With clear polycarbonate lenses and side shields and neck cord. Meets ANSI Z 87.1 standards.
29.009 Buy $9.40
Clear UltraSpec 2000 Safety Glasses
Made with 100% polycarbonate 4-C coating on both sides of lenses providing anti-fog, antistatic properties and anti UV up to 385 mm. Clear lenses. OSHA approved and meets CSA Z 94.3 standards.
29.367 Buy $9.70


Safety Goggles & Shield

Description Stock# Price
Safety Goggles
Helps protect eyes while buffing, grinding or doing other jobs with potential eye hazards. Vinyl plastic, ventilated frames with one piece clear plastic lenses. Fits over eye glasses.
29.371 Buy $5.70
Face Shield
Lightweight plastic provides full face coverage. Pin and hole adjustment bands with cushioned vinyl sweat band.
29.376 Buy $28.90


Welding Glasses

Description Stock# Price
Infra-Dura 9162 Welding Glasses
Made of propionate material. Fits over virtually all prescription and plano safety glasses. Adjustable fit through inclination mechanism on temple. Shade is 5.0 degree.
29.369 Buy $22.00
Cricket 9180 Welding Glasses
Adjustable ratchet hinge frame with green lenses. Frame uses Infra-Dura 3.0 lenses with universal nose bridge. Meets ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z 94.3 standards
29.368 Buy $23.50


Welding Goggles

Description Stock# Price
Welding and Impact Goggles
With polycarbonate lens and adjustable perforated venting holes. Shade is 5.0. Meets ANSI Z 87.1 and CSA Z 94.3 standards.
29.373 Buy $24.80
Safety Welding Goggles
Helps protect eyes when melting, soldering or grazing. With 50 mm filter lenses and clear cover lenses. Sturdy nylon lens adapter holds lenses and permits simple lens replacement. Has soft opaque frame and plastic ventilators to keep out harmful light. Fits over eyeglasses.
29.375 Buy $24.80