Shor Polishing System Hoods & Tables

Shor Standard Polishing Hood

Shor carries a standard polishing hood which is suitable for all polishing and grinding operations that do not take place at the jeweler's bench. Our standard polishing hood comes complete with 2 incandescent sockets with switches and an inlet screen to keep rings from accidentally being sucked into the dust collector.  Available in off-white color only.

B.000 Buy   Price: $106.00

In addition to the standard polishing hood, we carry a wide assortment of hoods for the jeweler's workbench.

Shor Fluorescent Polishing Hood

The Shor fluorescent polishing hood provide stronger and more even lighting than the incandescent lights found in standard polishing hoods.   Introduced to the jewelry industry by Shor in the mid 1970's, this hood has been a favorite among professional polishers for nearly a century.   Comes with an inlet screen to keep rings from accidentally being sucked into the dust collector.

B.003 Buy  Price: $183.70

See also:  Anti-theft grinding hood and anti-theft visilap hood.

WhirlWind Anti-Theft Grinding Hood

Let½s face it.  When working around so much precious metal, some polishers are tempted supplement their income with your gold.  Take away the temptation.  The WhirlWind Grinding Hood, when used with a good dust collector (like the Super WhirlWind Jr.), makes ½losses½ a thing of the past.  100% thief-proof, grinding collection cannot be circumvented.  

The WhirlWind Grind Hood has a built in light and a special Plexiglas view plate.  With a proven track record almost of almost 10 years, the WhirlWind Grinding Hood is time tested to be the most efficient grinding hood ever made.  No other hood even comes close.

WhirlWind Anti-Theft Grind Hood      $495.00

WhirlWind Anti-Theft Visilap Hood

The first visilapping machines in America came from Shor
Those machines were quickly copied until very few remembered the origins.  Now Shor introduces a new kind of visilap hood- The WhirlWind.

When polishing with a visilap, it is important to apply the jewelry to the wheel in the right place on the visilap wheel in order to direct the dust toward the intake hole in the hood.  Inexperienced visilap polishers (and experienced thieves) may direct the dust past the hole, causing the gold dust to accumulate inside the hood.  The intake hole on the WhirlWind Visilap hood extends along the entire left hand side of the hood, making impossible to steal gold dust by redirecting the stream.

WhirlWind Anti-Theft Visilap Hood      $495.00


Polishing Benches

Heavy duty benches designed by Shor specifically for polishing systems.  Available in 4 foot, 5 foot and 6 foot sizes (5 foot is the standard size for 2 polishing stations).  6 foot is not stock.

Length Stock# Price
4' PB-720 Buy $492.65
5' PB-721 Buy $542.75
6'   $895.95