Polishing Cloths & Polishing Sticks


** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Selvyt Polishing Cloths
Highest quality English made polishing cloth. soft, velvety, no lint. Polishes surfaces without scratching. Use on jewelry, CD's & DVD's, silverware, eyeglasses, records etc. It will retain it softness and suppleness even after repeated washings.
Size Style Sold by Stock# Price
5"x5" O Dozen 17.080R Buy $2.204.60
10"x10" A Each 17.081R Buy $11.00
8½"x12¼" Impregnated set of 3 POL-167.00 Buy (3) $6.95
14"x14" B Each 17.082R Buy $12.50
14"x17" C Each 17.083R Buy $16.80
A word about Selvyt polishing cloths; Back in the early 1950's, Shor introduced North America to a new kind of polishing cloth... the Selvyt cloth. Prior to our introduction of the Selvyt, the preferred cloth was chamois (a very soft leather). The chamois is very soft and, just as important, lint free. Unfortunately, the chamois is expensive and difficult to launder. The Selvyt proved an excellent substitute... lint free, soft, inexpensive and easily laundered. Thus far, no other cloth has equaled this English made product.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Chamois Polishing Cloth
The perfect material for polishing all types of metals, the chamois cloth has been recognized for years as the ultimate polishing cloth. Genuine white chamois leather. Size 10"x10".

Set of 5 Stock# POL-175.00 Buy (5) Price $5.90


** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Shino & Fabulustre Impregnated Polishing Cloths
Double cloths, one side impregnated with jeweler's rouge, and the other side used for final polish. Helps keep the user's hands clean. Sold by the dozen but packaged individually in plastic pouches.
Brand Size Sold by Stock# Price per Cloth
Shino 12"x14" Dozen 17.090 Buy (dz) $6.60
Fabulustre 9"x11" Dozen 17.076 Buy (dz) $5.70

"Brilliant" Treated Polishing Cloths
Rougeless, treated cloth, with a newly developed chemical agent which cuts through tarnish better than other cloths and inhibits tarnish from reappearing. You can polish brass, chrome, copper, silver and gold brilliantly without getting rouge on your hands.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** The double cloths have a second cloth that is not treated, so the user can, if desired, clean the excess, harmless chemical agent from the piece.
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Color Size Type Sold by Stock# Price
Blue 4" x 6" Single Dozen POL-700.00 Buy $1.95
Blue/Yellow 4" x 6" Double Dozen POL-171.00 Buy $2.35
Blue 12"x7½" Single Dozen POL-705.00 Buy $3.10
Blue/Yellow 12"x7½" Double Dozen POL-170.00 Buy $5.85
Yellow 12"x7½" Single Dozen POL-715.00 Buy $3.80
Blue 12"x15" Single Dozen POL-710.00 Buy $5.75
Special Imprinting
We can imprint your name, logo, address etc. on Brilliant Cloths. Minimum order- 1,000. Additional cost is a $100 setup charge plus an additional 10 cents per cloth.


Connoisseurs Treated Polishing Cloths
A rougeless, dual cloth buffing system. The silver polishing cloth lifts tarnish from sterling silver, silver plate, flatware and hollowware while leaving a protective, anti-tarnish coating. The jewelry polishing cloth cleans and buffs gold and silver jewelry.
Type Size Sold by Stock# Price (dz)
For Silverware 11"x14" Dozen 17.0271 Buy (dz) $4.70
For Jewelry 17.0270 Buy (dz) $4.70

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** Lintless Cloth for Diamonds
Perfect for removing oils and other contaminants from diamonds and other precious stones. In bright gold, this synthetic cloth works great and looks great on the retail counter. Size 10"x10".

Set of 6 Stock# POL-804.00 Buy (6) Price $3.75


Polishing Sticks (hand buffs)
Used for polishing, cleaning and finishing of metals and stones. Felt sticks have hard felt mounted on the wood handles. Chamois sticks have strips of chamois glued to the wood sticks.
Type Size Sold by Stock# Price (dz)
Felt Sticks 11"x78" Dozen 17.100 Buy $42.25
Chamois Sticks 17.094 Buy $44.10