Pickling is the immersion of metals in an acid solution for the purpose of removing surface fire scale and oxides caused by heating, annealing, casting, soldering etc. Sulfuric acid is often used, but sodium bisulfate is more commonly used. Sodium bisulfate (not to be confused with sodium bisulfite, which is quite a different material) is sold under various trade names. Sparex, ProCraft Pickle and our own brand name, Safe-T-Pickle, are just a few of the various trade names for sodium bisulfate. It's all the same stuff, so buy the one you're most comfortable with. Pickle solutions work better when heated to a temperature of about 125° F. If not using an electric pickle pot, we recommend the use of Visionware by Corning.

Electric Pickle Pots
Capacity Diameter Height 110V Price 220V Price Replacement Basket Price
12 oz 5" 5½" 45.306 Buy $124.70 45.306X Buy $127.60 45.135 Buy $4.20
1 Pint 5½" 7½" 45.304 Buy $176.10 45.304X Buy $181.30    
1½ Quart 8½" 5" 45.302 Buy $247.80 45.302X Buy $251.20    


Pickling Compounds

Item Quantity Stock# Price
Sparex Brand Pickle 2½ lb Makes 1 gallon 45.127 Buy $10.10
45 lb Makes 18 Gallon 45.129 Buy $100.80
ProCraft Brand Pickle 2 x2½ lb Makes 2 gallon 45.124 Buy (2) $10.00
40 lb Makes 16 Gallon 45.126 Buy $107.00
Safe-T-Pickle  50 lb Makes 22 gallon Safe-T-Pickle Buy $99.95

Pickling Tongs

Description Stock# Price
Copper Pickling Tongs with Curved Tips
Suitable for pickling and acid solutions. 9" length.
57.054 Buy $15.70
Copper Pickling Tongs with Offset Tips
Suitable for pickling and acid solutions. 8½" length.  
57.052 Buy $9.10