Electric Melting Furnaces

Kerr ElectroMelt Furnaces
The world's workhorse for melting metals. Designed to be hand-held for easy pouring directly to the flask. Also used for reclaiming, alloying and refining metals.

Features found on all Kerr ElectroMelt furnaces:

Manual ElectroMelt
The original Manual ElectroMelt controls the temperature using percentage of "time on", "time off" principle. Maximum temperature is 50° F less than our automatic models. For long sustained melts we suggest the automatic models for improved element performance.


  • Calibrated dial plate
  • Excellent for occasional caster
  • Attains 1800° F in 22 minutes
  • Maximum temperature 2050° F
  • Melting capacity: Gold- 30 Troy ounces....Silver 25 Troy ounces
  • 6.2 amps
120 V Manual ElectroMelt          Stock # discontinued by the manufacturer   
240 V Manual ElectroMelt           Stock # discontinued by the manufacturer  
Automatic ElectroMelt Models
These digitally controlled Automatic ElectroMelts are recommended when sustained high temperature use is required. The fuzzy logic electronic controller regulates the temperature by providing full power input to the furnace until a preselected temperature is attained


  • LED display panel
  • Worry free operation
  • Reduces metal temperature overshoot
  • Holds temperature to a +/- 5°F
  • Maximum temperature 2,050° F
  • Electronics protect the element from overheating
  • 11.3 amps
ElectroMelt Capacity Gold Capacity Silver Melt Time to 1800° F 120V Stock# 220V Stock# Price
Automatic Standard 30 Troy Ounces 25 Troy Ounces 21 Minutes 31809 Buy 31808 Buy $1,538.95
Automatic Maxi 100 Troy Ounces 83 Troy Ounces 31 Minutes 31811 Buy 31810 Buy $1,770.95


  Replacement Parts Quality Standard# Price   Maxi# Price

Genuine Kerr crucibles provide extended life for optimum performance and durability. Kerr brand crucibles provide maximum resistance to oxidation while metal is being melted. To avoid contamination use a separate crucible for each type of metal used.
Performance Plus 29478 Buy $31.95 29479 Buy $55.95
  Replacement Parts Voltage Standard# Auto-30oz.# Price Maxi# Price
Replacement Elements

Kerr long life heating elements can be easily replaced in both the Standard and Maxi ElectroMelt furnaces.
120 V 31822 Buy 13997 Buy $285.95 31834 Buy $376.95
240 V 31823 Buy 13998 Buy $285.95 31835 Buy $376.95


Metal Melt brand Furnaces

Specially designed and constructed for melting metals for casting and alloying.
2,012° F (1120° C) operating range
Heavy duty graphite crucible
Precise temperature control
LED on/off indicator light
Easy-to-read digital display
110V-50/60 cycle power.

Size 15" H x 8½" W x 9" L.   
Ship Wt  16 lbs

Capacity Stock# Price
1 Kilo 22.211 Buy $999.00
2 Kilo 22.213 Buy $1,294.10

Replacement Element

1,294.10 Kilo 22.214 Buy $1,294.10
2 Kilo 22.215 Buy $754.35

Replacement Crucible

1 Kilo 22.216 Buy $32.40
2 Kilo 22.217 Buy $81.10