Illuminated Loupes, Darkfield Viewers & Magnifiers

Illuminated Loupes

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Diamond View

Hastings Triplet 10X, 18 mm Loupe with darkfield. This portable darkfield tool allows grading of loose diamonds and colored stones as well as assists in detecting fracture filled stones.   Perfect for the traveling salesman and jeweler. Battery operated.  Excellent quality loupe at a fantastic price!  Tweezers and diamond not included.

 w/Maglite DIA-210.00 Buy $68.95
Maglite only LMP-201.00 Buy $15.99

Rubber Eyepiece Viewer

10x lighted magnifier offers the best illumination yet for viewing stones and other small objects.  Attached directly to the Maglite is a 10x color corrected compound triplet magnifier made of high impact nylon composite with a rubber eyepiece.  The magnifier features a diffuser and a one-way reflector so that the viewer's eye is directly above the light, giving the best possible view of diamonds, small gemstones, etc. There is nothing else like this on the market today.

w/Maglite DIA-220.00 Buy $39.95
Maglite only DIA-220.10 Buy $26.95
Illuminated Coddington 10X
Superior, precise edging reduces lens edge distortion. Light is sent through lens, illuminating object being inspected. Uses 2 replaceable AAA batteries (not included) and replaceable bulb. 1" working distance.
29.268 Buy $45.00


10X Illuminated Jewelers Loupe

This innovative jewelers loupe is ideal for inspecting diamonds, gemstones and watches.

  • Built-in band of six LED lights. 

  • Emits a cool bright light

  • Direct illumination eliminates shadow

  • Leather storage case included

29.610 Buy     $31.45

Lighted Magnifiers

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Peer Measuring Magnifier with Flash
Spaced doublet lens gives good definition of object being viewed. Removable inch and millimeter scales are viewed through lens for making accurate measurements. Light shines through lens to illuminate object. Operates on standard C cell batteries (not included). Lens diameter 1½". Working distance 1½", power 7X.
29.650 Buy $27.00
Bausch & Lomb Illuminated Stand Magnifier
The 2X lens measures 4" x 2" and incorporates a 6X bifocal inset. It can be tilted for working on or inspecting small objects. The 7 watt bulb operates on 110 volt.
29.306 Buy $66.70
Bausch & Lomb Mini-Lite Magnifier
Handy 3½X magnifier with thumb switch illumination for low light subjects. Viewing area is 1¼" x 1¼". Durable black case measure 4¾" x 1½". Includes two AAA batteries and replaceable bulb.
29.307 Buy $7.00
Bausch & Lomb Folding Illuminated Magnifier
With built in light powered by two AAA batteries (included). Unique handle swings open for use. 2" x 4", 2X power, aspheric lens for clarity.
29.301 Buy $34.70
Bausch & Lomb Lighted Magnifier
Illuminated 2X power magnification in a convenient size, perfect for pocket, briefcase, purse. Take it anywhere. Stores in its own protective case. Push the button once to release the large 2" lens, then push it again to turn on the lamp Includes two AAA batteries.
29.362 Buy $14.00
Bausch & Lomb Lenscope
A hand held tool for virtually any type of precise measurement or examination, featuring a choice of two interchangeable Hastings triplet lenses, 7X or 10X, distortion free image, two illumination lamps, 45° or 90° from the viewing angle and hinged top storage case (batteries not included) .
Magnifier 7X 29.203 Buy $92.20
Magnifier 10X 29.204 Buy $92.20
Lens Only 7X 29.206 Buy $53.00