GRS Engraving Equipment


GRS is a manufacturer of the finest bench products and tools made anywhere in the world.  Anyone who does stone setting and engraving should consider investing in the GRS line of tools and equipment.  Without question GRS tools will enable one to work more productively with far less fatigue than with conventional tools.  The the superior control of GRS tools, the craftsman will excel at precision work.  Shor carries this line of bench tools as well as GRS books, videos and a variety of bench accessories.


BenchMate is a powerful holding system that stabilizes stone setting, speeds up soldering and simplifies jewelry repair. 
BenchMate reduces the hand force needed to set stones.  You can set more stones per day and do a nicer job with less strain and greater confidence. 
This patented system keeps your work centered in front of your bench at the right height.  You'll maintain good body posture for greater comfort throughout the day.
BenchMate Basic
Includes Basic BenchMate holder, shellac pad, fixed mounting plate and hardware.
G04-542 Buy    $228.00
BenchMate Deluxe
Includes Basic BenchMate holder, shellac pad, narrow and wide solder fingers, third hand attachment, bench pin kit, fixed mounting plate and hardware.
G04-555 Buy   $309.00
BenchMate Plus
Includes Basic BenchMate holder, shellac pad, narrow and wide solder fingers, third hand attachment, bench pin kit, 4" solder station, fixed mounting plate and hardware.
G04-571 Buy    $369.00
BenchMate Setter's Package
Includes Basic BenchMate holder, shellac pad,  bench pin kit, inside ring holder, fixed mounting plate and hardware.
G04-542 Buy    $269
BenchMate Accessories
Bench Pin  Kit                              G04-556 Buy     $28.95
Fixed Mounting Plate                G04-557 Buy     $17.95
Optional Mounting Adapter    G04-559 Buy     $23.00
Inside Ring Holder for BenchMate
Includes holder body, 7 collets, expansion screw and wrench                G04-589 Buy       $79.00



GRS Inside Ring Holder (for vises)

  • Lets you hold rings from the inside (like the BenchMate inside ring holder).
  • Works with all GRS engraving blocks and also most vises.
  • Great for stone setting and ring engraving.
  • Works for extra wide rings too (requires an additional collet set so you can double stack the collets).

G04-679 Buy      Price $57.95



Third Hands for BenchMate
Includes two removable standard third hands and 6" square solder board.  Sits on a bench or fits BenchMate fixed mounting plate.
Standard third hand on weighted base G04-568 Buy $49.75
Double third hand soldering station G04-570 Buy $117.95


  GRS Metal Former
Easily shape copper, silver and gold bracelets with the GRS Metal Former.  Form flat strips of metal to a perfect "C" shape after you have engraved your design.  To shape a bracelet, place one end of the material under the die and press down on the hanle.  Contue to work the material through the former, shaping as you go, until you have reached the desired shape.  The unit comes with two different fiexed punch sizes and with one adjustable die cavity.  With these punches and die, 0.25" up to 1.25" wide bracelets can be turned.  Recommended for soft metals such as copper, silver and gold alloys with a thickness of .030" to .080"
G04-725 Buy $239.00


You only need electricity...the compressor is built-in.  Gravermeister can transform your creative dreams and ambition into beautiful things you make with your own hands.

Technically, Gravermeister is an air tool that makes its own special air pulses.  These pulses move a hammer piston back and forth inside the handpiece, creating impact power.  A foot pedal lets you vary the power instantly as you work.   The impact rate is adjustable from 1600 to 2400 impacts per minute.

With Gravermeister, you can engrave deeply in steel and delicately in gold, carve wood effortlessly, set large and small stones with confidence, texture metal quickly, sculpt stone precisely and more.  Continuously improved, the latest Gravermeister cuts smoother, is completely oil-free and features advanced Quick Change handpieces.    Shipping weight 44 lbs.

Gravermeister Less Handpiece-   see below for handpieces G01-842 Buy $1,498.00
Quick Disconnect Kit
Saves time by letting you switch from one handpiece to another in seconds.  Includes main body and two handpiece connectors. Saves time by letting you switch from one handpiece to another in seconds.  Includes main body and two handpiece connectors.
G04-615 Buy $29.95


The NEW! Ultimate Power Engraving System

Designed around the engraver and stonesetter's need for power, finesse and control, the GraverMach provides it all in a compact package. The front mounted precision regulator is easy to adjust and use, the combination filter and water trap can be mounted on the machine or remotely for easy access. The dual voltage capability means you can use this machine anywhere in the world just by changing the IEC C13 industry standard power cord. The transformer is rated at 100 - 240 Volts, 50/60 Hz. and carries UL, GS, CE, and LPS certifications. From the first time you power up the GraverMach you will be amazed with its smooth, quiet performance. New porting technology gives your handpiece crisp impact from the low end to the high end. Stroke speed is adjustable from 400 to 8000 strokes per minute, the new front mounted bias valve setting allows the user to tailor the foot throttle feel. The power and air hookups are in the rear of the console and are mounted high to clear the bench top ledge found on many engraving and jewelry work surfaces. The handpiece hookups are now made with quick coupling fittings allowing the GraverMach to work with all your existing GraverMax handpieces.  Shipping weight 21 lbs.

110v/220v   G04-995 Buy      $1,195.00


GraverMax, GraverMach &  Gravermeister Handpieces
GraverMax, GraverMate & Gravermeister Handpieces Stock# Price

Bulino Hammer Handpiece-  Smallest, finest handpiece.   Unique side hose connection.  Perfect for small stone setting, fine engraving.   Set screw check hold square tools .08"-.10" (1.9-2.5 mm) and round tools .08"-.12" (2.2-3.0 mm) diameter. 2.8" long.

G04-921 Buy $279.00

Hammer Handpiece w/Threaded Chuck
  Wide power range.   Great for stone setting, hammering, medium to deep engraving.  Stainless steel construction.  Set screw chuck holds square tools up to .10" (2.5 mm), round tools up to .13" (3.3 mm) diameter.  4.5" long.  Threaded tips only.   Includes 1 tip.

G04-611 Buy $239.00

Hammer Handpiece w/ Set Screw
  Same as hammer handpiece above except does not require threaded hammer tips .  For Gravermeister only!

G04-611 Buy. $239.00

Large Hammer Handpiece
  Very powerful.  Designed for heavy metal engraving, wood carving and other demanding jobs.  Two-jaw chuck holds tools .06"-.19" (1.6-4.8 mm) round or square.  Also holds standard gravers.   5.7" long.

G04-509QC Buy $269.00

Ultra-High Speed Rotary Handpiece
  up to 320,000 rpm.

G04-850 Buy


Quick Change GraverMax, GraverMach & Gravermeister Handpieces

Gravers & tools are first mounted in interchangeable Quick Change "QC" holders.  These holder fit into any QC Impact Handpiece or QC Sharpening Fixture.  You can now switch tools in 3 seconds with a wrench.  Just pull the tool with attached QC Holder out of the handpiece and insert another.  QC Holders accept square tools up to .10", round tools up to .13" diameter and most gravers.


Gravermeister Price

Quick Change Wide Handpiece
  Wide power range.  Perfect for stone setting, hammering, medium to deep engraving.  Stainless steel construction with quiet rear exhaust.   Includes 6 QC Holders.  4.2" long.

G04-710 Buy G04-712 Buy $289.00

Quick Change GP Handpiece
  General Purpose.  Ideal combination of medium power and fine control for most engraving and stone setting.  Comfortable rubber cover and ergonomic shape.  Small and very maneuverable.  Quiet rear-exit exhaust.  Includes 3 QC Holders. 2.8" long.

G04-901 Buy G04-915 Buy $279.00
Extra QC Holders
Package of 3
G04-804 Buy G04-804 Buy $16.90


System 3
Economical air impact tool for jewelry making, engraving and more.

System 3 is the most affordable GRS air impact tool.  Its relatives, Gravermeister, GraverMax and GraverMate produce special air pulses to control their impact handpieces.  System 3 handpiece is a piston and port design which self-oscillates using normal compressed air.  So it's simpler and less expensive.

System 3 handpiece is comfortable, lightweight and delivers good impact power.  It lets you engrave metals, set stones, hammer, texture and carve wood or other materials.  You eliminate fatigue and get your work done faster because System 3 increases the power of your hands.  The handpiece stays cool in use and includes the time-saving GRS Quick Change tool system.

The foot control starts the impact and varies its force.  You can tune System 3 for fine to heavy work using the regulator to provide more or less air pressure.  This give you a wide range of impact power.

System 3 is used in factories to equip multiple work stations and by people in small ships or at home.  If your needs don't justify other GRS air tools, order System 3.  You'll be pleased with the wonderful things it helps you do with your hands.

Specifications:  System 3 requires compressed air 1.2 cfm at 50 psi minimum.  Shipping weight 6 lbs.

System 3 Standard Package
  Includes handpiece, foot control, air filter/regulator, 3 quick change tool holders, 6 steel points and instructions.    Stock# G04-780 G04-780 Buy          $489.00

System 3 Handpiece Only
  Stock# G04-760 G04-760 Buy     $289.00


GRS Power Hone and Accessories
  The GRS Diamond Power Hone grinds tools and gravers quickly, without heat.   You get an advanced tool edge that enhances finished work.  The Power Hone allows for cleaner scrolls, brighter cuts, more precise beads, finer shading and better details.  The diamond wheel sharpens both steel and carbide tools and will make them last longer too.  Power Hone does not come standard with sharpening fixture shown in the picture below.  Reversible.
Item Description Stock# Price
Power Hone  (110v) w/600 grit wheel & adaptor G01-525B Buy $449.00
Power Hone (220v) w/600 grit wheel & adaptor G01-543B Buy $449.00
260 Grit,  5"  Diamond Wheel Coarse G02-138 Buy $97.00
600 Grit,  5"  Diamond Wheel Medium G02-055 Buy $89.00
1200 Grit,  5"  Diamond Wheel Fine G02-139 Buy $89.00
Ceramic Lapping Wheel
For mirror finish 

 Requires diamond spray

G02-415 Buy $199.00
Diamond Spray ¼ Micron

For use with Lapping Wheel

G02-752 Buy $26.90
Diamond Spray ½ Micron

For use with Lapping Wheel

G02-753 Buy $26.90
Diamond Spray 1 Micron

For use with Lapping Wheel

G02-754 Buy $26.90
Diamond Spray 3 Micron

For use with Lapping Wheel

G02-755 Buy $26.90
Graver Sharpening Fixture Single Angle (as shown on Power Hone) G03-100 Buy $92.00
Graver Sharpening Fixture Dual Angle Calibration G03-570 Buy $238.00
Quick Wheel Change Adapter

Change wheels in 2 seconds.   Replaces the standard wheel knob.  To change wheels, you just lift them on and off...even when it's running.
                       G01-838 Buy     $59.00